2nd Minute of Northampton Friends (Quakers)

Minute from 10 December:

2017-97 Northampton Friends Meeting strongly reaffirms its October 2017 minute in support of the 2017 United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and asserts its intention to examine the ways in which it is complicit in the nuclear weapons industry, including the funding of those activities through our investments, purchases, or other business transactions, and to plan for ways to eliminate or reduce that complicity in order to be compliant with the treaty.

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1 thought on “2nd Minute of Northampton Friends (Quakers)”

  1. As a result of this Minute, members of the NFM Working Group on Nuclear Disarmament and Climate Action met with the Treasurer and the Property and Finance Committees to examine the facilities, equipment, and accounts of the Meeting. They found two areas of noncompliance with the Nuclear Ban Treaty:

    • Northampton Friends Meeting has an account at Peoples United Bank, and
    • Our meetinghouse has two Honeywell thermostats.

    This was reported to the January Business Meeting of Northampton Friends.

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