California State House to Discuss Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Legislators in the most populous state in the union are considering a Bill that would “urge our federal leaders and our nation to embrace the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons…” The bill was introduced on February 20th by California Assembly Member, Monique Limón of Santa Barbara.

The Joint Resolution now before the California Assembly (AJR-33) is modelled on the ‘Back From the Brink’ Call to Prevent Nuclear War. This calls on the government to take five specific steps towards reducing the danger of nuclear war, but does not itself refer to the Treaty, except by way of background information.

Using the same language as the resolution adopted by the City Council of Northampton, Massachusetts in November, 2017 and currently under consideration by committees in the Minnesota House (HF3864) and Senate (SF2901), the California resolution specifically calls upon “federal leaders and our nation” to embrace the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and make nuclear disarmament the centerpiece of our national security policy.

Calling upon ‘our nation’ to do something means calling upon us – WE THE PEOPLE! So, in addition to politely asking our federal leaders to do something they have for the last 73 years refused to do, these resolutions are crying out for the rest of us to do something about this hugely important problem that threatens the very existence of life on earth.

California and Minnesota are both prime targets to become the first states in the country to not only pass non-binding resolutions in support of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, but to follow this up with binding legislation which commits those states to actually complying with the Treaty. Watch this space – and help us get rid of nuclear weapons, city by city and state by state…

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2 thoughts on “California State House to Discuss Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons”

  1. Interested in seeing whether the State of California will take steps to shut down the operations of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory which is a leader in the research and development of new nuclear weapons in the country — which is the world’s leader in nukes.
    LLNL is co managed by the University of California — with Sandia corporation.
    California would do well to forbid this work. Lab claims that it is only engaged in “stockpile management” making sure existing weapons are still operational. That is a flat out lie. See for the recording of the recent witness on Good Friday of this year. In addition to calls to action and a very challenging sermon, it includes a report by Scott Yundt of TriValley CAREs on the extent of Livermore’s work.

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