Climate change and nuclear war

are the twin threats to our very existence. We need to be working on both.

Nuclear war with North Korea

is the most immediate threat we face in the world today.

Dangerous flashpoints

could ignite a nuclear war in the Middle East or on the Indian sub-continent.

A new ‘Cold War’ with Russia

is brewing, as the belligerent rhetoric is cranked up on both sides.

The risk of a serious accident or miscalculation

involving nuclear weapons is growing with every passing day.

the myth of ‘nuclear deterrence’

allows people to sincerely believe we are safer with nuclear weapons than without them.  Learn more about this and other myths here.

The dangers of proliferation

But if every country believed that, the world would be awash with nuclear weapons and infinitely more dangerous than it is today.

immediate steps

are needed right now to pull us ‘back from the brink’ of nuclear war.

The total elimination of nuclear weapons

is the only solution to the threat they pose to all of us.  Start here.

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