Any hospital or clinic, large or small, can decide to become Treaty Compliant in order to help rid the world of nuclear weapons. For most hospitals, this means refusing to buy medical equipment from companies which also make nuclear weapons and ensuring there are no investments in these companies.

Medical professionals around the world have been taking the lead in demanding that nuclear weapons must never be used again. Nuclear weapons are the number one risk to public health. A single nuclear weapon going off anywhere in the world would be a humanitarian catastrophe of unparalleled proportions. That is why the worldwide Red Cross Red Crescent movement has been so strongly in favor of the Nuclear Ban Treaty.

Hospitals and clinics exist to help and care for people in need. To be also invested in companies that make nuclear weapons or buying medical equipment from them is a contradiction in terms. You can help your hospital or clinic to become Treaty Compliant with 3 simple steps:

  1. The first step is to commit to being in compliance with the Treaty, which in most cases is:

2. The second step is to consider whatever action may be necessary to divest, boycott and avoid those companies – and that includes informing those companies why you are doing that.

3. The final step is to adopt an official policy to confirm that the hospital or clinic will have nothing to do with those companies so long as they are in violation of the Nuclear Ban Treaty.

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