The Treaty Compliance Campaign is about getting individuals, businesses, faith communities, schools, organizations, cities and states to work towards ‘complying’ with the Nuclear Ban Treaty by disconnecting – as far as possible – from the nuclear weapons industry. We are calling this “Treaty Alignment”. While only the US government can fully comply with the Nuclear Ban Treaty by ratifying the treaty and dismantling our nuclear weapons arsenal, everybody can work to align themselves and their communities with the Treaty and shift the political and cultural tide in favor of nuclear abolition. This will put pressure on the nuclear weapons industry and eventually force the federal government to implement the Treaty.

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Become ‘treaty aligned’ yourself

Help to get a group or organization to be ‘treaty aligned’ (neighborhood, club, school, university, business, faith community, civic organization)

Working locally to get your town/city to be ‘treaty aligned’

Campaigning state-wide to get your state to be ‘treaty aligned’

Campaigning nationally to get the federal government to sign the Treaty

















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