These resources are downloadable, printable, etc. and free for anyone to use or adapt as they choose. Note: *Some language is slightly different from‘s wonderful resources, because we prefer to spell out exactly what “illegal” means in relation to the Treaty.

How to become a “Treaty Compliance Unit”

1. What’s a “Treaty Compliance Unit?”

When visiting nuclear weapons companies or military sites connected to nuclear weapons, why not be as visible and photogenic as possible?
As self-appointed Treaty Compliance Units, we are there to inform staff and workers about the treaty and to ensure they know if they are already engaged in prohibited activities at that site (or as a company).
This can include delivering copies of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, together with a letter explaining what the Treaty will mean to their operations.
It can also mean reading out loud parts of the Treaty and the letter to whomever happens to be there.
And don’t forget to post signs and/or banners on the lawn or on a fence to let the public know if this site (or company) is engaged in prohibited activities.
You could also consider using crime tape and/or attempting a citizen’s arrest, but if you plan to risk being arrested yourself, make sure you think that through carefully, prepare properly and do your homework.


2. How to get your “uniform” and official TCU emblem

White Tyvek overalls can be ordered online for just over $5 each or purchased at any hardware store. You can print out and paste onto them the official “emblem” below…

(to download this emblem, simply right click on the picture and choose “save image as…”)


3. Download signs to post on the site (right-click on the sign below and choose “save image as…”)

for corporate sites:                                                                                for military sites:

4. Download letters to give to people in charge (or print out and mail to them)

Click here to download sample letter to hand                 Click here to download sample letter to hand in
to the person in charge at a corporate site:
                   at a military facility handling nuclear weapons:



5. Click here to order or download copies of the Treaty in booklet form to read and hand out to people

(Order NOW to get copies in time for January 22nd! We have 500 copies to give away. Donations welcome but not necessary.)

6. Download banner for correct printing quality here

7. Alternative wording for banner available to download here

8. Media kit


9. Link to webinar on Entry Into Force

10. link to 2-minute video: The World Has Spoken


11. Treaty Compliance Unit in action at Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base in Scotland: