Trudy Knowles, NuclearBan.US Board President

Maxine Schmidt, NuclearBan.US Clerk

Nick Cantrell, NuclearBan.US Treasurer


Our Advisory Board includes the former National Coordinator of the Nuclear Freeze Campaign, Randy KehlerLois Barber, a founder of several organizations, including Earth Action, 2020 Vision, Alliance for Renewable Energy and the World Future Council, and international lawyer and activist, Alice Slater, who serves on the Coordinating Committee of World Beyond War and is the UN NGO Representative of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.


Timmon Milne Wallis, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Timmon Milne Wallis is the Executive Director of NuclearBan.US. He holds a PhD in Peace Studies from Bradford University.  He has served as executive director of Nonviolent Peaceforce, and he has directed peace-building projects in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Georgia, Myanmar, Chechnya, Croatia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and South Sudan.

He has also served as editor of Peace News, as director of the National Peace Council (UK), as international secretary of Peace Brigades International, as training manager for International Alert, and as programme manager for Quakers in Britain.  He was the founder and director of Peaceworkers UK.

His book, Disarming the Nuclear Argument: The Truth About Nuclear Weapons, analyzes the cost, accident risk, and legality of nuclear weapons, and the absurdity of the whole concept of perpetuating nuclear weapons as “deterrence.”  The book played a role in the successful July 2017 United Nations negotiations for a Nuclear Ban Treaty, and it is a handbook for those seeking a safer, saner world.

Vicki Elson, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Vicki Elson is the co-founder of NuclearBan.US and serves as the Creative Director.  She is also the Executive Director of TreatyAwareness.US. For 35 years, Vicki has worked as a childbirth educator, filmmaker, and labor support “doula.”   She is also a chapter leader of Represent.US, fighting Big Money in politics – the most egregious example of which is the existence of nuclear weapons, making profits for a few while threatening existence for everyone. In July 2017, she had a life-changing opportunity to witness the U.N. negotiations for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and she watched the roomful of ambassadors break all their own rules (no clapping, no hugging) when the Treaty was agreed. Now she’s spreading the message of total abolition to communities across the USA.  She thinks that’s an even more important way to help babies and families to live happy, healthy lives.  She also writes little songs to inspire citizen action.

Kathleen Hamill, General Counsel

Kathleen Hamill is a human rights lawyer and advocate.  She currently co-chairs the working group on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons with Massachusetts Peace Action Network.  Hamill has taught courses on international law at the graduate level including International Human Rights Law, Current Issues in Human Rights, Human Rights and Business, and Human Rights in the Arab Region at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University (2002-2018).  She has authored research reports, policy briefs, and book chapters.  As an affiliate of the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health, Hamill also participated in conferences, panel discussions, and expert meetings including The World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul (2016), The Global Conflict Medicine Congress in Beirut (2017), International Law Symposium at the University of Virginia Law School (2019).  She holds a Juris Doctorate from Boston College Law School, a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School, and a BA from Brown University.

Anduin DeVos, Campaign Officer

Anduin DeVos is the Campaign Officer at NuclearBan.US.  She studied psychology, neuroscience, and social work in the Honors College at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, hoping to gain the tools to help people.  Being surrounded by activism her whole life, after graduation she realized that one of the most important ways to help people is to fight for the planet they live on.  She is a strong believer in educating people about the truth of nuclear weapons and their intersectionality with the climate crisis.  If enough people have the tools to do the work, it will get done.



David Grant, Advocacy Associate

David Grant began holds a Master of Fine Arts from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He has produced and directed television programs for PBS, volunteered with the Peace Corps in the Philippines, coordinated a soup kitchen in Seattle, served as a representative at the annual commemoration at Hiroshima. and published essays. He has been a prominent Vietnam War resister, a community organizer, and a homesteader. He served in leadership roles in Rural Southern Voice for Peace, International Fellowship of Reconciliation’s nonviolence program, and Nonviolent Peaceforce. He has also written, edited, produced and directed literary and media projects. Some were for his own Common Lot Productions on the subject of expanding democracy’s representational reach. To that end he helped organize the international conference “Democracy in the 21st Century” at the Library of Alexandria, Egypt.