Urge your State Legislators to support a Citizens Commission on Nuclear Weapons and Climate

The federal government is simply not doing enough to protect the citizens of this country from the existential threats of climate change and nuclear war. These threats are with us now and increasing every day. We need a Citizens Commission to look into the most effective ways that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can protect its citizens from these threats and can use its influence to get more action from the federal government.

Please support the establishment of a Citizens Commission on Nuclear Weapons and Climate by writing to your state legislators today! The deadline for moving this to the next stage in the legislative process is February 7, 2024.

Nuclear Weapons and Climate Commission Bill:

H.738 (House)/S.1488 (Senate)

This bill would create a citizens commission to investigate the existential threat posed by nuclear weapons and climate change to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and what should be done about it.

last year, but never came to vote on the floor of either house.

  • 63% of MA adults, including 80% of MA Democrats, support this bill
  • The bill has been re-introduced in this legislative session and is currently sitting with two committees: The House version (H.738) is in the Joint Committee on Emergency Planning and Preparedness, which has until March 15, 2024 to vote on it. The Senate version (S.1488) is in the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security, which has until April 8, 2024 to vote on it. The “Back from the Brink” resolution, S. 1487, is also with that committee.
  • A dossier explaining the rationale for last year’s bill is available here: Nuclear Weapons and Massachusetts: The Case for Creating a Citizens’ Commission

If you have sent a letter, great! You’ve just helped move the world one small step closer to eliminating nuclear weapons!

Thank you.

AND If you have other friends, relatives or colleagues in Massachusetts that might be willing to write their own letters, please urge them to do so, by sending them to this page.