For faith organizations, being in compliance with the Nuclear Ban Treaty means:

  • Not holding any investments in any of the nuclear weapons companies.
  • Deciding not to buy any of their products or services in future – unless they stop making nuclear weapons.
  1. The first step for a faith community is to prayerfully consider whether it wants to go through the process of being Treaty Compliant. Some faith communities will want to request a presentation or a workshop or other materials to be circulated before making a decision about this. These can be requested from NuclearBan.US.
  2. Once a faith community has decided it wants to be Treaty Compliant, it may want to appoint a committee who will work with those responsible for finance and property to determine whether there are any investments in the companies involved in nuclear weapons or products being purchased from those companies.
  3. The decision to divest from nuclear weapons companies and to boycott their products until they are no longer in the nuclear weapons business should be accompanied by letters to the CEOs of those companies informing them of this decision.

Faith communities who choose to become Treaty Compliant are then invited to ‘take it to the next level’ by sharing what you have done:

…with other congregations in your wider area or district that are part of the same faith or denomination.

…up through the leadership of your faith community so that your denomination may take this up all the way to their national level.

…with other faith communities, near or far, that may belong to a different faith or denomination.

…with sister congregations or faith communities in other countries so that they can see that faith communities in the US are also supporting the Treaty.

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