Our campaign in the US Congress is to build support for the Nuclear Ban Treaty, by:

  1. Getting members of the House and Senate to sign the ICAN Parliamentary/Legislative Pledge.
  2. Getting members of the House of Representatives to support the Norton Bill, H.R. 2850 which calls for the US to sign the TPNW and use the money saved to address the climate crisis and other social needs.


Our campaign in states is about:

  1. Getting members of the State Legislature to sign the ICAN State Legislators Pledge.
  2. Introducing state legislation that would create a commission to explore the implications of aligning the state with the Nuclear Ban Treaty.
  3. Other initiatives that may appropriate in a particular state to further raise awareness of the treaty and the need to abolish nuclear weapons.


In cities and towns, our goal is:

  1. Getting Resolutions passed in support of the Nuclear Ban Treaty.
  2. Getting cities to divest city funds from nuclear weapons companies.
  3. Getting cities to prohibit nuclear weapons activities within their jurisdiction.
  4. Getting cities to refuse contracts with nuclear weapons companies.
  5. Getting legally-binding municipal legislation that enshrines the commitment to align the city or town with the Nuclear Ban Treaty.