Nuclear weapons are:


Modern nuclear weapons are far more destructive than those that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Even a “limited” nuclear exchange would blast enough soot into the atmosphere to cause extreme climate disruption, causing death by starvation of as many as 2 billion human beings, above and beyond those killed by the bombs.

Nuclear weapons can kill you 4 different ways:

  1. Intentional use in warfare

(greatest current threat: US vs. North Korea)

  1. Crisis or misinterpretation leading to war

(this has almost happened at least 12 times,

in addition to the famous Cuban Missile Crisis)

  1. Accidental detonation

(this has almost happened hundreds of times)

  1. Extreme cost diverted from our basic needs

for food, shelter, health care


“Deterrence” is a myth. No nuclear-armed country has been any safer, and in fact, having nuclear weapons makes a country MORE of a target.

Profiteering is real. The only reason we have these weapons is that a small number of people are making a large amount of money out of it.


The USA alone has earmarked $1.2 TRILLION just for upgrades over the next 30 years, in addition to the $30-40 Billion/year already being spent.

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