The Nuclear Ban Treaty outlaws and condemns everything to do with nuclear weapons. What does it mean for a business, however large or small, to ‘Align’ with such a Treaty?

For the companies directly involved in producing or maintaining the US nuclear weapons arsenal, Treaty Alignment means ceasing those activities and doing other work instead.

For the companies and contractors which supply those companies it means no longer supplying those companies and finding other customers instead.

For banks and pension funds and other financial institutions who are financing those companies, it means shifting their funds out of those companies and into other non-nuclear weapons activities.

For businesses which have investments in those companies, it means divesting and putting your money instead into companies that address climate change.

For businesses which purchase products or services from those companies, it means no longer purchasing from those companies and finding other suppliers instead.

For businesses which do not do business of any kind with nuclear weapons companies, Treaty Alignment means making a clear policy commitment not to engage in, or to support, any nuclear weapons-related work in the future. It means monitoring that commitment and making sure it is maintained.

More information for businesses wishing to be Treaty Compliant is available on our Resources page.