May 7 Warheads to Windmills Breakout session: How peace and climate groups can work together more effectively? Ivana Hughes and Medea Benjamin

It was hard to get people to focus on the question. Several people wanted to talk about US attitudes toward Putin and the Ukraine war and the need to contradict the efforts to put all the blame on him.  Some people discussed issues that the speakers talked about: The question of what is real security; how much is spent on the military; the need for more awareness of the present danger of nuclear war and for more awareness about the climate-related and human damage of the Ukraine war. People noted that these issues have the potential to bring people together, but we did not have time to delve into details.

Notetakers: Rosalie Anders

May 7 Warheads to Windmills webinar: Collaboration between peace and climate activists (2)

Quick summary: people shared efforts at trying to influence policy/reach elected officials and expressed frustration. We talked about the need for organizing together as a movement so we have more power to create change. A great connection happened between Medea and one of the participants. They decided to collaborate in working with one elected official from both the local level and through Code Pink’s efforts.

It was more of a personal sharing so we did not take notes. 

Susan Theberge