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North America
Fluor Corporation
6700 Las Colinas Blvd
Irving, TX 75039 United States

Website: www.fluor.com/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/FluorCorp
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FluorCorp
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CEO: David E. Constable

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Legislative influence:

Fluor spent over $3 million in lobbying Members of Congress in 2023, according to OpenSecrets.org. Fluor maintains 52 lobbyists in Washington and among other issues, these lobbyists focus on Nuclear regulations and the budget and appropriations bills for the Department of Defense. Through its Fluor Corporation PAC, Fluor has so far spent over $350,000 on the re-election campaigns of 102 Members of Congress and 24 Senators in 2024.

Nuclear weapons work:

  • Fluor is the lead partner in Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS), a joint venture with Honeywell and Newport News Nuclear (part of Huntington Ingalls).
  • SRNS was responsible for the management and operation of the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site and Savannah River National Laboratory in South Carolina
  • The Tritium Extraction Facility at the Savannah River Site is the only source of new tritium for the US nuclear stock. Tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen (also called “super heavy water”), is essential for the continued operation of the US nuclear arsenal.

Non-nuclear weapons work:

  • provides complex engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance projects for commercial and government clients

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For hospitals and medical facilities:

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Main US investors:

  • Bank of America
  • BlackRock
  • Citigroup
  • Vanguard
  • Wellington Management
  • Wells Fargo

Main US suppliers to:

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