Honeywell Headquarters:
Postal address: 101 Columbia Rd. Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 1-973-455-2000

CEO: Darius Adamczyk
Email: [email protected]

nuclear weapons-related work:

  1. manages and operates National Security Campus in Kansas City, MI, where 85% of non-nuclear components for US nuclear weapons are produced.
  2. Produced integrated circuits for Trident D5 nuclear missiles

Household products: Thermostats & Indoor Air Quality Customer Support: 1 (877) 271-8620

  1. home thermostats
  2. turbochargers for cars
  3. HVAC zoning
  4. Burglar alarms
  5. Fire alarms
  6. Heaters
  7. Fans
  8. Paper shredders
  9. Dehumidifiers
  10. Air conditioners

For a more complete list of Honeywell household products, check here

Other business products:

  1. flight entertainment systems
  2. aircraft air conditioning
  3. building management systems
  4. barcode scanners
  5. industrial safety equipment

Model letter to Honeywell from household customer