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Dear Mr. Muilenburg,
The twin Boeing 737 Max disasters have given the world the impression that Boeing is unethical and careless, valuing profits over human lives. This impression is exacerbated by the fact that Boeing is one of the major players in the nuclear weapons industry, building intercontinental ballistic missiles designed to deliver nuclear annihilation to entire cities.
If you want to “earn and re-earn trust and confidence,” if you want to save Boeing’s profits and its reputation, you MUST immediately shift your scientists, technicians, and infrastructure away from unconscionable weapons of mass extinction and toward products that will make you a hero: green technologies that address climate change.
As you must know, just one nuclear weapon, detonated on purpose (or even by accident on our own soil) could kill millions of innocent civilians, overwhelm the global response capability of the entire Red Cross / Red Crescent, and overfill every burn bed in every hospital on the planet. Even a limited nuclear war could kick enough soot into the atmosphere to trigger a nuclear winter, destroying crops and starving billions of people to death. A full-blown nuclear war between the US and Russia would be the end of civilization, and perhaps even the end of life on earth. What profit, what military or political agenda is worth that kind of risk?
Fortunately for you and everyone you care about, this will not be profitable much longer, as the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons gains traction worldwide, and you find yourselves in violation of international law. The Treaty has already been agreed by 122 countries, signed by 70, and ratified by 23. Its facilitators won the Nobel Peace Prize. It will enter into force when it reaches 50 ratifications, which is expected within the year.
Yours sincerely,