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Dear Mr. Scannell,
I am a concerned investor of Moog, Inc. I have an investment portfolio which for many years has included shares in your company.
However, since the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons now prohibits the development, testing, production, manufacture, possession and stockpiling of nuclear weapons, I am asking you to discontinue your work on nuclear weapons without delay, to bring Moog into compliance with this new treaty.
This means, specifically:
*Renouncing all future contracts that relate to Trident (D5) first, second, and third State Servo Actuator Assemblies, or other nuclear weapons related work.
*Re-deploying and re-directing your own nuclear weapons-related facilities, infrastructure and workforce to meet the challenges of climate change.
*Lobbying the federal government and members of Congress to end the US nuclear weapons program and to invest instead in the technologies that will address climate change.
Your support will be crucial to the success of worldwide efforts to abolish nuclear weapons. I hope that you will assist rather than impede efforts to eliminate this ultimate threat to our future. It will protect your company from the impact this Treaty will have on your business worldwide, as more and more countries sign, ratify and implement this Treaty. And will protect your company from the inevitable impact this Treaty will have on your line of business when the US government is finally forced to sign the Treaty itself.
In the meantime, I want my investments to help secure my well-being and that of my family, not undermine it. Unless you can reassure me that you will no longer be a nuclear weapons producer, I intend to move my investments elsewhere.
I look forward to your response to these concerns and will be happy to share it with others around the world who have similar concerns.
Yours sincerely,