May 7 Warheads to Windmills webinar Breakout session – Pressuring the Profiteers – Vicki Elson

Nancy Craft mentioned that Quakers have set up an investment fund used to put pressure on firms, and they sell the stock in the firms that do not cooperate, and “advertise how bad they are.” 

Arthur Dawes appreciated receiving all the information that was presented today, and he is interested in learning what alternative work can be done companies involved in nuclear weapons.

Melanie Cohen described how members of CODEPINK in Redondo Beach, California “just go to meetings and disrupt.”  She is also active in food and water actions. She tries to make sure that she is not invested in military contractors.

Paul Brun Del Re is involved with the Peace Education Center in W. Lansing, MI, and he is interested in educating people to shift their investments away from military contractors.

Vicki Elson noted that New York City is in the process of divesting from nuclear weapons and fossil fuels. The city will allow only new construction that is not dependent on fossil fuels.

Vicki said also that NuclearBan.US is looking into promoting a consumer boycott against oil companies that are “worst offenders” as part of marrying the climate and nuclear movements.

Notetaker: Nick Mottern