Global HQ:
Thales Headquarters 

Tour Carpe Diem 

31 Place des Corolles – CS 20001 

92098 Paris La Defense Cedex 


North America
2733 South Crystal Dr,

 Arlington, VA 22202

United States



CEO, Patrice Caine

USA Headquarters: +1 (703) 838-9685

General Enquiries: [email protected]


  • Revenue 2023:
  • Net profit 2023:
  • Total Assets Dec 2023: 
  • Of which, property, plant and equipment: 
  • Intangibles: 
  • Total equity: 
  • Market cap:

Legislative influence:

Despite being headquartered in France, Thales spent over half a million dollars lobbying the US Government in 2023, according to, maintaining 6 lobbyists in Washington.  These lobbyists focussed mainly on the budget and appropriations bills for the Department of Defense. Through its Thales USA, Inc. PAC, Thales has spent $9,000 so far in 2024 on the re-election campaigns of 8 Members of Congress and 1 Senator.

Nuclear weapons work:

  • Thales is one of MBDA’s five subcontractors in the French ASMPA mid-life upgrade.393 The ASMPA is a medium-range air-to-ground nuclear armed cruise missile, and part of the French nuclear arsenal.
  • Thales owns a large part of Naval Group, the prime contractor for the French nuclear-armed submarine fleet, armed with the M51 nuclear missiles.

Non-nuclear weapons work:

  • provides information systems for the military and security, aerospace and transportation markets

Products and Services for boycotting:

For consumers:

For hospitals and medical facilities:

For businesses:

for NGOs and emergency response:

For city police and fire departments:

For states: 

Main US investors:

  • BlackRock
  • Capital group
  • Citigroup
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Vanguard

Main US suppliers to:


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