Local Action for the Global Treaty

On July 7th, 2017, by a majority of 122 to 1, the countries of the United Nations adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. ICAN, the campaign which successfully led to this Treaty, was awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.

This Treaty provides a legally binding framework for the elimination of ALL nuclear weapons from the face of the earth. This is the ONLY way to guarantee safety from mass slaughter, widespread radioactive fallout, climate disruption, and famine that can result from purposeful or accidental detonation of modern nuclear weapons.

We believe the US should sign this Treaty along with the rest of the world. Until it does so, WE THE PEOPLE of the United States can take steps to comply with the Treaty in our cities, towns, counties and state legislatures, in our schools, colleges and universities, in our businesses and places of work, in our faith communities, unions, social clubs – and as individuals.


  1. Put direct legal and economic pressure on the companies, banks, and institutions that are complicit with the nuclear weapons industry, compelling these in turn to put increased pressure on the federal government to sign the Treaty.
  2. Send a message of solidarity to all the brave countries that have defied the US by signing the Treaty, and encouraging other countries to sign as well.
  3. Support cities, states and other institutions in their preparations for the eventuality of the Treaty coming into force in every country, including the US.


  1. Proclamation of Intent: Broadcast the political will to comply with this Treaty.
  2. Declaration of Non-Compliance: List all the potential obstacles to being Treaty Compliant. These may include doing business with nuclear weapons companies or with banks that are financing these companies.
  3. Compliance Action Plan: Spell out how and when to overcome the obstacles. This may involve the re-tooling of nuclear weapons-related facilities and re-skilling of workers for the renewable energy technologies needed to address climate change.
  4. Legally Binding Instrument: Implement the plan and enforce its provisions within the jurisdiction or control of the entity concerned.

Once a city or state or other entity has been certified as Treaty Compliant, they may be invited to report on their achievements to the meetings of the States Parties to the Treaty, to be held bi-annually at the United Nations in New York.