For most people, Treaty Compliance is pretty simple. It means:

  • You are not employed by any of the companies that make nuclear weapons.
  • You do not have personal investments in any of them.
  • You will not buy any of their products in future…

If you are unsure about any of this, you may need to:

  1. Find out what is prohibited by the Nuclear Ban Treaty, look at the list of companies who are implicated in the nuclear weapons business, and COMMIT yourself to complying with the Treaty and, so far as you are able, having nothing further to do with nuclear weapons.
  2. Determine whether you are implicated in any of the companies, nuclear facilities or nuclear weapons bases that are currently violating the Treaty, check your personal investments, if you have any, to see if you are supporting any of these companies with your own money, look at your personal possessions, to see if you are currently buying from any of these companies, and if so, what would be your alternative and then DECIDE to become ‘Treaty Compliant’.
  3. Write to the relevant companies and/or financial institutions informing them of your decision to divest, boycott or avoid these companies unless they remove themselves from the nuclear business. ANNOUNCE when you have done all that and are now in compliance with the Treaty, and share what you have done with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues – and the rest of the world!

Once you yourself have become ‘Treaty Compliant’ we invite you to take it to the next level – help get your bank, your workplace, your faith community, your city or town, or any other organizations you may be connected with to become ‘treaty compliant’


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