Address: 100 North Riverside, Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: +1.312.544.2000

CEO: Dennis Muilenburg

email: [email protected]

Nuclear weapons work:

  • Since 1958, Boeing has been responsible for the development and production of the US long-range nuclear LGM-30 Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM). 400 Minuteman III are currently deployed and they are expected to stay active until at least 2030. The Air Force “plans to replace the missiles with a new Ground-based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) around 2030”.
  • Boeing was one of the three parties (Northrop Grumman and a coalition led by Lockheed Martin were the other parties) in the running for the US Air Force’s GBSD Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction (TMRR) contract.
  • In August 2017, Boeing (along with Northrop Grumman) won the contract to: “conduct technology maturation and risk reduction to deliver a low technical risk, affordable total system replacement of Minuteman III to meet intercontinental ballistic missiles operational requirements.” Boeing was awarded a US$ 349.2 million (€ 297.0 million) contract. Work is expected to be completed in August 2020.
  • Boeing is in charge of guidance, flight controls, secure codes and ground subsystems, as well as designing, testing, modernizing and repairing ICBM systems and components. The modernisation programme is meant to extend the service life of Minuteman III through the year 2030.

Other work:

  • world’s largest aerospace company and a leading manufacturer of jetliners and military, space and security systems. Its products and services include
  • commercial and military aircraft,
  • satellites,
  • bombs and missiles,
  • electronic and military systems,
  • launch systems,
  • advanced information and communication systems, and
  • performance-based logistics and training

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