Peace Walkers Take Nuclear Ban Treaty to Towns and Cities

The annual Peace Walk for the People and for the Earth set off from Leverett, MA, last Friday, March 16th, to take a message of peace and hope to towns and cities across Massachusetts and all the way to Washington, DC. The monks and nuns of the New England Peace Pagoda were joined on the first day by a dozen or so fellow walkers. They arrive in Boston on March 25th and then continue on to Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland – ending up in Washington, DC on April 6th. You can follow their progress and view the schedule at their website.

The walkers are carrying with them a set of booklets from NuclearBan.US, explaining how people can help rid the world of nuclear weapons by complying with the Nuclear Ban Treaty – as individuals, as faith communities, as schools and colleges, as hospitals and as cities and towns.

Each day of the walk ends with a potluck supper and discussion with local community activists and politicians. Their message of hope is based on the notion that people have the power to reshape our global community by collectively working to move away from the violence of war and racism. At the heart of their message is a call for the elimination of nuclear weapons. As the global community paves the way for a future free of nuclear weapons, they encourage everyone across the US to work to bring their neighborhoods, institutions, and communities in compliance with the treaty.

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